Saturday, November 14, 2009

is that a real diagnosis?

the other morning at breakfast, halle asked me NOT to eat all of the frosted mini-wheats and to save some for her. i assured her that i wouldn't eat all of them; there were too many for me to eat all of them. then she said ver seriously, "yeah, you would probably get a frosted mini-wheat ache."

i think halle wins the prize for the best bed-head.

fall fun

clate has been enjoying preschool this year. he is with many friends from last year and has made some new friends too. this was at his halloween program. they were too cute.
halle has been enjoying her dance class. she's quite the performer. her teacher started having her be the first one of the group to practice each dance because she always knew halle would do it. now halle insists on being the first one. her dance class is on friday and she starts planning for it on sunday night.
chloe has enjoyed many things this fall...but mostly the leaves. she, more than either of the other two, loves to walk through leaves and play in them.
now the leaves have all fallen from the trees and are bagged up and we are ready for winter...well, not really, but its coming anyway.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yeah, it snowed last week...I was so not ready for it! I need fall before winter! Luckily, it didn't stay too long...but it was around long enough for the kids to build a snowman. This is Chloe's first year really playing in the snow...and she's loving it! The snowman lasted a good 4 or 5 days...they were so proud.


The kids have been looking forward to Halloween for weeks now...and were so excited to wear their costumes all day long! I bought their costumes over a month ago and they have asked to wear them almost every day since. Clate was Bumble Bee, the transformer...and he wore his mask (unlike years past). Halle was a white kitty cat...a little different from the black cat she was last year. Chloe was a butterfly...or a "budda" as she would say...and a darn cute one, for sure.

The kids had a great time trick or treating and loaded up on way too much should last a long time!