Friday, January 28, 2011


clate absolutely LOVES his little brother and wants to take care of him all the time. he hates to hear him cry and gets all worked up when i let him cry for even a few minutes. he loves to hold him and talk to him and sing to him. he talks about playing soccer and baseball with him when he gets bigger, and teaching him to ski. he's a wonderful big brother, and thomas is very lucky to have him.

i should have done this before...

My little guy at 2 weeks old. Oh, if I could only freeze time!

how cute is this??? i LOVE this little guy!

i wouldn't change a thing about these 4 kids. they have my heart!

I've never had professional pictures taken of any of my kids as infants, but since Thomas MAY be our last, I thought I should go for it. And boy am I regretting not having it done for the others. I try to take cute, fun pictures, but come on...I don't really know what I'm doing. Anyway, I'm in love with these kids, and these pictures show them off very well.
Other exciting news...we are headed to Ohio in July for 1 year, and THEN we will become permanent residents of Utah County. I can't believe the time has come! Adam is joining the IHC orthopaedic group in Provo. There were 2 places that I had always said we would never consider settling down in, Idaho Falls (bad weather) and Provo/Utah County (no good reason). How ironic is it that the only 2 places that we have really pursued job opportunities have been Idaho Falls and Provo...and we're are ending up in Provo, right back where it all started. Crazy, but good, and we are very excited about it. Just another lesson in never say never!!!