Sunday, July 25, 2010

halle is 4!

Celebration for Halle's birthday started early in the week with a party with friends. I wasn't planning on doing big parties this year, but since we won't be here next year (so sad to think of), I wanted them to have parties this year with all of their that's what we are doing. And of course, Halle's friend list is not short. I think we ended up with 10 friends and a few siblings at the party and I think we all had fun. They made tambourines, danced the hokey pokey, played musical chairs, popped balloons, had a bday parade with their tambourines, opened gifts, and ate cupcakes. What more could a 4-year-old ask for!?!

The party ended today with a little party at home with family on her special day! And it was her birthday ALL day long...mind you, not just part of the day. She made sure to let everyone at church know that. Mike and Andrea came over and we opened gifts and ate cake and ice cream. Speaking of the cake...I have seen these princess doll cakes around and thought it would be fun to do. And it was fun, but cutting into the cake only an hour or so after finishing the decorating wasn't so much fun. Oh well...I guess that's why I made the cake, right??? to eat it! The Belle cake was a surprise for Halle, and I think it took her a minute to realize it was her cake too. I was happy with how it turned out.

I will be back with more of Halle at 4, but in short...she is one happy, fun 4-year-old!

Happy Birthday love bug!