Friday, August 27, 2010

adam is NOT absent

Sometimes Adam worries that our history, as recorded on this blog, would lead someone (his posterity or others) to believe that he was/is an absent dad because very few of the posts include him. When in reality, he is NOT an absent dad...he just happens to work alot. But when he is home, he always makes an effort to do fun things with the kids and make the most of his time with them. He is quite an excellent dad if you ask me. So, I will try from now on to record more of the things that he does with the kids, because they are not few.

One of Adam's favorite things to do with the kids is hiking. We've tried some long hikes with them, as well as a lot of little hikes. I think we've all leared to enjoy the shorter easier hikes a little more, then the kids can walk themselves (mostly) and we don't have to carry them. Here we are a few weeks ago hiking up to Lake Mary. It was a short, but kind of steep hike. Clate did it all by himself. Halle only needed a lift towards the top. And Chloe...well, we're still working on her. Dad got to carry her quite a bit. The more hiking we do, the more the kids enjoy it, especially when they can do it by themselves. And dad never passes up the opportunity to teach the kids the important skill of rock skipping. It was such a beautiful day and a really fun hike.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

8 years on 08/08

Adam and I celebrated our 8th anniversary last week. We scored with free babysitting from the young women in our ward and a good friend who put the kids to bed, and we enjoyed an evening of Randy Travis with the Utah Symphony Orchestra at the Deer Valley Resort. It was a little chilly, but a beautiful night, so peaceful, and the music couldn't have been better! It made me miss all of the concerts I used to go to back in the day. And this was definitely the way to see a concert! It was a really great evening. And it has been an even better 8 years. Wouldn't change a thing.

Chugga chugga poooo pooooo!

Chloe is on the potty train! And it's about time! I am determined to have a few months without about a week and a half ago I decided we were going to get this girl trained. And she's doing awesome! Between the Starbursts, the suckers, the popsicles and a sticker chart...this girl has stayed motivated and finally prefers big girl panties to diapers! YEA, we're almost there!

Friday, August 6, 2010

what will HIS name be???

Yes, that's right...we're having a BOY! and we couldn't be happier, especially the kids. For weeks the kids have been talking about baby names, only BOY baby names. I kept warning them that it could be a girl; we don't really get to choose. Then Halle asked me who chooses. I told her that Heavenly Father chooses. Her response, very matter-of-factly, "Well, Heavenly Father spoke to my heart and said that it was a boy." OK then...and I guess she was right after all. Even Chloe was sure she would be having another brother. And Clate, well, it just had to be a boy.

So, what will HIS name be? This has been the topic of conversation for weeks, and options are all over the board. Some of my "favorites" that have come up: Clate came up with Bull Grunter Bergeson. (We recently went to a rodeo and he loved the bull riding.) This morning Halle suggested Marvin the Tap-dancing Horse (yes, you read that right) or Marvin the Baby Brother. (Is she suggesting we skip a middle name and give a title instead?) As much as I enjoy their input, it's a good thing that they won't have the final say in what HIS name will be!