Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dinner at mike and andrea's

uncle mike watching Signing Time with the girls...they LOVED it.

by the lake at Memory Grove. the water was ice cold.

chloe so excited about the leaf she picked.
LOVE this picture!
the girls each had a turn sitting in the "basket".

tuckered out at the end of the day.
mike and andrea invited us over to see their new place and then they fed us dinner. so nice. unfortunately, clate was with grammie and pa, and adam was on-call and didn't get to their house until 8:30ish, so it was mostly just the girls and I, but we were happy to be there. after dinner we walked over to Memory Grove. i think the girls were hoping for a playground at the park, but then realized they had uncle Mike with them and that was just as fun, if not more fun. luckily he was a good sport and entertained them quite well. it had been a few days since the girls had seen their dad, so having a male figure around was extra exciting for them...and he even looks like dad, kindof. the girls were good sports too and stayed up extra late so mom and dad could visit for awhile. they curled up on the couch and watched Bolt and were as happy as could be...though very tired. it was a fun afternoon.

play, not work

walking around temple square.

happy 40th anniversary, mom and dad!

halle and chloe playing in the ship's bunkbeds at the church history museum.

halle and chloe holding tight to the iron rod as they pass the great and spacious building heading for the tree of life...i hope they always do that!

as many times as my parents come to our house, we don't often do FUN things together. Usually, they come to help with some project around the house, ie. re-finishing the basement, re-roofing the house, etc. But this time, they came just to play (though grandpa did find a few things to fix around the house in his spare time)...and we loved it. one day we visited the church history museum and walked around temple square. another day we took them to Red Butte Gardens, a place my kids love to run around and play and adults can enjoy the views. we also met chad and his family for dinner one night, which was nice too since that doesn't happen very often either. it was fun going places and doing things with grandma and grandpa and not worrying about projects around the house.

Friday, June 11, 2010

little dancers

Chloe dancing to the song "Almost There" from "The Princess and The Frog".
Chloe performing her ballet routine as a firefly. They even had little lights in their tutus.

Halle and her friend, Kate, dressed as flamingos for the tap number.

Halle preparing for her ballet routine, dancing to "Evangeline Star", as Halle calls it.

They had a freestyle dance as the finale with all of the dancers.

The girls had their dance recital last week and they couldn't have been more excited for the big day. The theme was "The Princess and the Frog" and the costumes were fantastic. My girls are such good little performers. I'm always so proud of how well they do. In fact, three people came up to me after the show and said that Chloe had "stollen the show". I'm not really sure what she did...she was the only one that I was watching, but apparently others thought she was pretty darn cute too. And I just can't get enough of Halle's face when she's on stage; her smile is so big!
Grammie was able to come down for the recital and the girls were so happy to have her there. We got to go out to Red Robbin afterward for burgers and shakes. Such a fun day!