Friday, September 24, 2010

Preschool, not kindergarten...

After all my talk of our plans to hold Halle back in school a year so that she will be the oldest in her class, and then I write as though we put her in a year ahead of schedule...It must have been a late night! Halle's first day was to preschool, not kindergarten. I've edited my posted, so it reads correctly now! Thanks for reading my blog though. I often question whether or not anyone even checks my blog.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clate's first day...

September 1 was Clate's first day of kindergarten. He, too, was excited and has loved every day of it. He has already made some good little friends, some of whom are on his soccer team as well. He is very proud that he has kept his name in the "green" every day (no bad behavior), and he has a goal to keep it there the whole year! I'll be proud if he does that too!

halle's first day...

August 30 was Halle's first day of preschool. She was so excited and she has loved every day. In fact, she doesn't like that I have to drop Clate off first for school; she always asks for me to take her first, but I can't as Clate's school starts at 8:30, her's at 9:00. She also gets mad on Tuesday mornings when Clate gets to go to school and she doesn't; she'd go every day if she could.

warm river my booty

Halle dressed and ready to go. I love her sense of style.

Clate helping Pa pack the trailer.

Clate and Pa floating down the river.
The girls playing in the ice water.

Enjoying the s'mores.

The week before school started, grammie and pa treated us to one last summer vacation, one we had been wanting to do all summer long but hadn't...a campout. They took us to Warm River, somewhere near Ashton, Idaho. It was a fun little campground with the Warm River running through it--funny name for a river that felt like ice water; there was nothing warm about it. But the kids enjoyed it anyway, floating down the river with Pa and playing in a little shallow area. My favorite part of camping...the campfire and roasting marshmallows, after a tasty tinfoil dinner and hot dogs, of course. We ended the night with a flashlight-lit walk up the river where Pa told some stories to the kids, making them laugh and wanting more the whole way back. And believe it or not, the kids all fell asleep quickly and slept peacefully all night long. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for myself. There really is no comfortable position on a hard ground for a pregnant belly. Fun, nevertheless. It was a quick trip, but definitely worth it!