Thursday, January 28, 2010

the boot

For Christmas Adam got me a pair of black boots, which I LOVE and wear any chance I get. For my birthday (in 2 weeks), I bought me a pair of brown boots, which I already enjoy wearing any chance I get. I love my boots!

Today, Chloe got her first boot, but she doesn't seem to like it quite as much as I like my boots...I'm not sure why!?! She looks so cute wearing it, don't you think?

The kids were jumping on the couch last night when Chloe fell and seemed to have twisted her foot. She started crying and then refused to put any weight on it. We decided to wait and see how she acted in the morning. She slept fine, but as soon as she woke up, she tried to get out of bed and collapsed on the floor, crying. She continue to refuse to walk on her foot. Luckily, Adam has some connections and got an appointment with one of the pediatric orthopods that he works with. I took Chloe in expecting that they would say all was well, she probably just twisted it funny...but instead, the doc says she cracked her shin bone. WHAT??? I was shocked. Anyway, he felt a full cast was a little much, so he decided to put her in a boot for 3 weeks. Chloe was not at all happy with the boot at first, but quickly warmed up to it. By the end of the day, I think she was more proud of it than anything. I took it off for bedtime, and again she refused to put her foot on the floor. This may be a long 3 weeks...we'll see!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my girls

I'm posting a little backwards, but I have some pics I just have to post...they make me smile.

Love her blue eyes and her curls!

Not sure where she got this hat, but she loved it!

Halle had her first dance recital in December. I think her facial expression shows how excited she was to be on stage. She was quite the performer.

Once again, Halle wanted straight hair...and once again, I think she looked 3 years older. We arrived a little late to church this day and as Halle was walking into Primary she tripped in front of the entire Primary. She immediately stood up, and without missing a beat, showed everyone her straight hair.

ski utah...

Finally enough snow in the mountains and a day off for Adam to take the kids skiing. Adam took Clate up for an afternoon last week, but Halle has been waiting since last year to ski. We started with the rope tow for the first hour or so, then we took the chairlift up the mountain. I think I was more nervous than either of the kids....but they did awesome! Clate made it down all by himself, only falling once. Halle, of course, had to be slowed by Adam or she would have gone straight down without stopping...or at least until she hit a tree. But she loved it! After one run down, though, Halle was ready for some hot chocolate and a cookie, so we went in the lodge and waited while Adam and Clate got a second run in. It was such a fun day...I look forward to many more ski days with our little family!

Here's Clate headed down the mountain.

There goes Halle...Two happy skiers!