Thursday, May 27, 2010

trampoline fun!

my kids LOVE to jump on trampolines! i'm sure most kids do, but mine just can't get enough of it. they have one family of friends with a trampoline and girls' dance teacher has one, so they always have take advantage when we are there. they would jump for hours if i would stay long enough. adam is convinced that we would end up with broken bones...even though both he and i grew up with trampolines and our families never had broken bones from the trampoline. kids break their arms falling off of bikes or any of a million other things...a trampoline doesn't guarantee broken bones. besides, i think they are essentials for the girls to learn and practice gymnastics. anyway, i would love for the kids to have one, and they would love, love, LOVE to have one...maybe one day. in the meantime, we're grateful for friends who do have them!

preschool graduation

clate graduated from preschool this week! we're so proud! :) he went to Ms. Wendy's Preschool Pals for 2 years and really loved it. some of his best friends were from his class. while he is excited to go to kindergarten next year, he will miss Ms. Wendy and Ms. Ali. i guess this means my little guy is growing up! but I guess that's what they are supposed to do, right?

clate with Ms. Wendy.

clate with Ms. Ali.

only the treetops...

both halle and chloe are going through a phase where they don't eat ANYTHING! except peanut butter and honey sandwiches and fish crackers. i usually try to fill them up during the day, but at dinner, i try to encourage them to eat whatever i make. the other night i served chicken alfredo and brocoli. they would have nothing to do with any of it...except the ranch dressing. chloe kept asking for more ranch dressing, and not really paying attention to her, i kept giving her more. then i realized that all she was eating was the ranch dressing. she would dip her brocoli in the dressing and then lick off the dressing, not eating any of the brocoli. finally, her she had to eat the brocoli too, or no more ranch dressing. so she did...but she ate only the treetops of the brocoli. and when she was done with one tree, she asked for more "bocoli". i don't know i thought this was so funny, but i did...and i had to get a picture of it.

all i have to say is thank goodness for vitamins!


clate and i made these "eyes" one afternoon while the girls napped. he can be quite creative; he comes up with all kinds of things to build (tape together, etc.) and paint.

here's halle with pencilled on eyebrows. she always seems to get a hold of my mom's eyebrow pencil and then tries to put it on herself. she's always so proud of herself, too. LOVE it!

clate and isaiah at Discovery Gateway building a castle. impressive, i think.

and chloe playing construction worker along side clate and isaiah. i think she was calling her friend, Olivia, on the phone.