Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trip to the Outerbanks of NC

Over conference weekend, the kids and I took a trip to the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Gary and Carol flew in to drive with us, and we met up with Casey and Jon and their families for a week on the beach. It was fun to see everyone and spend time with family. It was especially good to have the kids spend time with their cousins and get to know them. It didn't take long for them to warm right up to each other either.

The weather wasn't the greatest...VERY windy and quite chilly. But we made the best of it. The kids still enjoyed playing at the beach in the sand, and the cold weather didn't seem to stop the boys from getting in the water. The first day at the beach we were walking along near the water and a wave came in just hard enough to knock Halle over (mostly because she wasn't expecting it). It scared her quite a bit and she kept her distance from the water the rest of the week. Clate spent a lot of time playing football with the ocean. He would throw the football into the ocean and the waves would bring it back to him, or somewhere along the beach and he would run after it. The kids also enjoyed flying kites on the beach. When they weren't at the beach, they were in the hot tub at the house or watching a movie or playing in their rooms.

While there, we decided to drive down to Kitty Hawk to visit the museum there. It was pretty cool to see a replica of the first airplane. Even the kids enjoyed it. Clate had fun posing with all of the statues and copying what they were doing. He's a funny kid sometimes.

We then made our way to Jockey's Ridge, sand dunes in the middle of the island. We didn't plan to get out and walk around much. We mostly just wanted to see the view. But when we got out and felt the sand on our feet...we had to hike to the top. It was a beautiful site to see, and the sand was SO soft. It felt so good to walk on. I was glad we took the time to walk around, and the kids had a blast. Even Thomas had fun playing in the sand, and he didn't put any in his mouth. AMAZING. 

It was a great trip. So good to see everyone and hang out. We only wish dad could have been there.  

Kids at Kitty Hawk

Jockey's Ridge

Thomas loving the sand at Jockey's Ridge.

At the beach.
Building sand castles.

Thomas in his playland at the beach.
Clate with his sandcrab friend. He played with him all day.
Cousins! Payton, Brooke, Thomas, Clate, Chloe, Halle, Jack and Mya
Halle and Chloe doing their best to keep the kite in the air. The wind made it an easy task.

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