Saturday, September 17, 2011

All boy

Thomas saw the soccer ball on the other side of the room and then went for it. I had never seen him move so fast with such determination. I loved it.

He is such a happy kid. So easy going. Getting so big.


lisa brown said...

I was thinking about you guys today! Thomas is getting so big and Chloe's hair is so cute, growing longer. I can't wait to show Grace Halle's new glasses. I hope you are well, Tell Adam Congrats! I sure miss you and your cute family.
Love, Lisa

Emily S. said...

Hey Kari - We miss you guys! It was fun to read your blog today and get a little "catch-up" with the Bergesons. Did you get bangs - you look so great in that picture and your kids are darling as always. Hope all is well.

Jim and Diane Jaspersen said...

Oh he is sooo cute!!! I love Thomas' chubby cheeks!!