Saturday, September 17, 2011

A new look

It's a good thing that glasses are in style these days. Halle's new ophthalmologist, Dr. McGregor, put her in glasses, mostly for protective purposes for the right eye. There is some prescription in the left lens that should improve her vision to the equivalent of about 20/100. In addition to the new glasses, she also gets to wear an eye patch on her right eye for at least 50% of each day. The hope is to get her left eye to improve to about 20/70. Wish us luck.

Halle was so excited to get glasses. She asked all week if we could go shopping for them. We finally were able to go today. We went to a lot of stores, and these were her very favorite (and mine too). She's very happy with them. Doesn't she look so cute?!?

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